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Integrated planning with Fiplana

Quick access to all relevant information

Less complexity in the planning process

Greater consistency in the planning process

Holistic management

Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Seamlessly connect your financial planning with other business areas such as sales, production, purchasing to ensure consistent and aligned planning across the enterprise.
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Sales Planning

Optimize your revenue forecasts through detailed analysis of customer, product and market segments and improve your business strategy.

Cost Management

Identify cost drivers and savings opportunities to create more efficient budgets and increase profitability.
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Risk Management

Identify financial risks and develop appropriate countermeasures to protect your business from unforeseen events

P&L Analysis

Identify revenue sources, cost structures, and profitability drivers to take targeted action to increase efficiency and profitability.

Human Resources

Plan and analyze your human resources to meet staffing needs, optimize costs, and increase employee satisfaction.


Use a powerful analytics platform to discover hidden insights in your financial data. Make informed decisions through interactive visualizations and personalized dashboards.

Fiplana features at a glance

With Fiplana, you can react quickly to changes, consider your strategies and processes in meaningful scenarios, and make informed decisions.

scenario planning

Test different business situations and make informed decisions by analyzing and comparing potential impacts on your finances.

real-time analytics

Get instant insights into your financial data and track the impact of their plan inputs live

Target / Actual Comparison

Detect planning deviations early by being able to monitor direct comparison of planned and actual results.

approval processes

Ensure the quality of your financial planning through a structured approval process that includes the necessary controls and approvals.

intelligent workflow

Control and monitor the entire planning process and optimize collaboration between different departments and stakeholders.

budgeting & forecasting

Create and optimize your budgets and forecasts by accessing historical data and real-time information.


Work seamlessly with your team on financial projects and eliminate data silos.

scalable models

Create customized models that grow with your business.

Security & governance

Protect your financial data and ensure compliance with policies and regulations with comprehensive security and governance capabilities.

cloud integration

Plan and analyze in real time at any time and from anywhere in the world.

automated reports

Generate reports with minimal effort and time and send them to your stakeholders in an automated way.

personalized dashboards

Keep the overview with individually configurable evaluations.
See for yourself how Fiplana can take your financial planning to the next level.
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Plan. Analyze. Elevate.
Optimize your financial planning with Fiplana.

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