Exciting news! Fiplana joins insightsoftware.

Plan. Analyze. Elevate.
Optimize your financial planning with Fiplana.

Desktop with multiple tabs of company data and graphs.

Fiplana features at a glance

Fiplana allows you to analyze your financial data in a smart way. By creating reports and dashboards, you gain quick insights into your data and can track the performance of your financial planning as well as identify trends. Integrate real-time data into Fiplana and benefit from the connection of different data sources. By simulating different business cases and planning possible scenarios, Fiplana creates the basis for sound and sustainable business decisions.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Sales planning

Cost Management

Risk management

human resource planning


P&L analysis

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Control your financial planning and analysis with Fiplana


With Fiplana, you can effectively eliminate Excel clutter and increase your efficiency by benefiting from automated planning and reporting features.


Fiplana enables you to work across teams and departments to integrate all relevant business areas, break down data silos and ensure consistent planning.


Transform your financial planning and analysis with Fiplana by improving the accuracy, adaptability and strategic direction of your business.

Our FP&A platform Fiplana accompanies you in every step of financial planning and analysis:
From the integration and preparation of your data to evaluation and earnings planning.
master the challenges of efficient planning
  • A scaled image of an aircraft in the sky.

    Integrated planning, CTP and rolling forecast - Lufthansa CityLine flies on Fiplana

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  • 3D illustration with light blue background and a molecule or atom, abstract structure for science.

    GABRIEL-CHEMIE ensures perfect interaction of data analytics and integrated planning with Fiplana

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Put an end to data silos and isolated applications

When it comes to planning, isolated solutions and data silos can lead to time-consuming manual processes for exporting and importing data. By optimally connecting various source systems from different departments, Fiplana creates an integrated database that enables companies to monitor their finances and processes in real time and make informed decisions. Thanks to Fiplana's open architecture, you can automatically integrate data into a central data source. Fiplana becomes the single source of truth for your financial data and facilitates collaboration and communication across teams and between departments.
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insightsoftware to Strengthen xP&A and Write-Back Capabilities in Qlik With Fiplana Acquisition

insightsoftware, a global provider of comprehensive solutions for finance, accounting, and operations teams, today announced that it plans to acquire Fiplana,

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Real-time response to environmental changes: Improving Budgets and Forecasts with Fiplana

Budgets vs. forecasts - Why budgets are important, but forecasts are even more important Budgets are typically prepared annually and provide financial targets and constraints for a specified period of […]

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5 reasons why you should no longer rely on Excel and why many still do

Excel is one of the most commonly used applications for financial planning and analysis. It offers a variety of functions and is easy to use. However, Excel also has its […]

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Plan. Analyze. Elevate.
Optimize your financial planning with Fiplana.

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