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From Traditional EPM to Revolutionary Finance: How Qlik and Fiplana Transformed Radiall's Financial Planning & Analysis

Short Implementation Time:
From project start to go-live in just a few hours

Cost Advantage:
Significant cost savings compared to previous solutions

Seamless Integration into Qlik:
Planning as part of the analytics routine within the Qlik platform.

Ability to add other sources of information to enrich the dashboard with useful data that support the planning process.

ETL Flows:
Qlik allows for building on existing data flows and reports, free from database limitations


Before Implementing Fiplana

  • Previous Solution: Jedox embedded in Qlik Sense Enterprise
  • Disadvantages:
    • Distinct solution
    • Significant effort required for developing and maintaining data flows
    • User Experience: Separate user interfaces for data entry (Jedox templates) and data visualization/reports (Qlik Sense)
    • Limited flexibility in designing data entry forms
    • Restricted performance and data volume
    • High costs for licenses and development

What was the challenge?

Challenges with Traditional EPM Solutions:

  • Lack of flexibility in designing data entry forms
  • Limited ability to integrate additional data sources
  • High development complexity and effort
  • Complex development of ETL flows due to the constraints of a cube´s structure
  • High overall costs

Advantages and Use Cases

Use Cases:

  • Strategic sales planning (5-year plan)
  • Sales budget
  • Finance budget
  • Treasury planning

Primarily sales, BU and finance departments

Internal Acceptance:
Very good, especially positive feedback from sales and top management regarding  data quality and dashboards improvements.

Measurable Advantages:

  • Time Savings: Financial controllers save two weeks during the budget phase; sales and BU teams report significant improvements in the budget process, saving days of work while increasing the reliability of their hypothesis.
  • Quality Improvement: Enhanced data quality and dashboards
  • Efficiency: Quick and agile development of existing implementations

Impact and Future Plans

Short Development Phases:
Easy and quick adaptation to new business user requirements; easy to improve upon existing deployments

Future Expansions:
Using Fiplana in other areas such as S&OP, demand management, and HR budget planning

Recommendations and Feedback

High satisfaction with the solution

Fiplana, in combination with Qlik, surpasses all other market solutions

Next Steps:
Integration of validation workflows

Advice for Success:
Conduct a proof of concept involving a Qlik expert and a planning process owner and discuss security requirements in advance if using Qlik Cloud


Sales & Inside Manager
Would you like to learn more about our solution or how this can be applied to your use case? Let our experts advise you now.

Plan. Analyze. Elevate.
Optimize your financial planning with Fiplana.

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