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Successful Transformation of Financial Planning at Erwin HYMER Group SE with Fiplana

Duration of implementation of the planning tool from concept to go-live:
40 days

Involved teams:
BI team, Controlling, approximately 4 people

Main advantages: 
cost reduction, easy (integrated planning), master data maintenance, improved and faster ETL processes; only one data model for analysis and planning – single source of truth, high system stability and quality, improved security concept.


Before the introduction of Fiplana, the company used the software Jedox for planning tasks. The challenges with Jedox included high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for licenses and implementation, complex integration into existing systems, as well as a redundant ETL pipeline and support services.

What was the challenge?

Erwin HYMER Group was looking for a solution that enables efficient planning, easy master data maintenance, and seamless integration into the existing Qlik system to create a single source of truth.

Advantages and Use Cases

Application Areas:

  • Planning: (Integrated) planning, forecasting, CAPEX, cost center planning, multi-level planning
  • Master Data Management: Master data maintenance, customization, user management, and traceable data maintenance for various Qlik applications, e.g., calculation factors for contribution margin accounting


  • Reduction of server infrastructure and complexity
  • Simplified and accelerated master data maintenance
  • Improved cooperation and decision-making within departments
  • Centralized and simplified security concept
  • Elimination of data silos


Measurable Advantages:

  • Faster error resolution
  • Simplified user management
  • Increased security and control
  • Easy tool maintenance

Erwin HYMER Group SE: Implementation of Fiplana as the central planning and master data management solution.

The project was successfully completed in a short time and led by the BI team. A total of four people from the Business Intelligence and Controlling departments were involved in the implementation of the group solution at Erwin HYMER Group. The implementation of Fiplana yielded several notable results. It proved to be more cost-effective in terms of licensing and implementation. The integration into Qlik significantly enhanced data processing efficiency by optimizing the ETL pipeline, enabling fast and error-free data processing.

Additionally, the new system provided more differentiated access control within our central user management, thereby improving data integrity. Despite initial minor challenges, user acceptance increased significantly, bolstered by successful planning cycles conducted without the need for external assistance. 

"Fiplana has greatly simplified the way we manage our financial data, allowing us to act faster and more transparently. It has not only increased our efficiency but also strengthened our team's sense of unity." BI Team Leader, Erwin HYMER Group.

Fiplana is used in various business areas such as Controlling, Sales, Operations, and Fleet Management to optimize planning and forecasting processes, master data maintenance, and user management. 

With Fiplana, Erwin HYMER Group has taken a major step towards more agile and cost-efficient financial planning and looks forward to a continued successful future. The positive impacts of Fiplana permeate all levels of the company and strengthen confidence in a successful future.


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